Rafting on the Rangitata

The main purpose of our trip to Nieu Zarland – as the local’s pronounce it – was to catch up with the Rice-Grubbs. We spent a lovely three days with Phil, Rich and Sam at Rich’s parents house being rather spoilt by William and Elizabeth (thanks guys!).


Phil and Sam both looking rather splendid at the Moeraki Boulders

But we couldn’t spend a week in the world’s adventure sports capital without doing something silly so we decided to test ourselves by going white water rafting down the Rangitata river’s grade 5 rapids.

It turned out that the white water was a piece of cake – neither of us fell out and we both managed to acquit ourselves adequately with a paddle. For proof of this please see the pictures below. Bernie’s at the front of the boat in a blue helmet and I’m on the second row in a green helmet. The lovely looking fellow in the gold helmet is our guide Duncan. When Bernie asked him if he could drink the water, he replied “Sure you can drink it. You’ll get savage fatal diarrhea, but you can drink it!”

But the ordeal wasn’t over – the most terrifying bit came at the end. ¬†After watching everybody else do it there was no way I could chicken out of the 10m cliff jump at the end of the course!

You would be able to see the fear in my eyes, if my eyes were open…

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3 Responses to Rafting on the Rangitata

  1. Nick says:

    Great stuff! We did something similar on the Zambezi. I reckon the big jump in is more dangerous than the rapids themselves – “make sure you clear the rocks, guys….”.

  2. Rosemary Cripps says:

    Looks fantastic but rather you both than us! Definitely something for youth and bravado rather than age (and perhaps wisdom)

    Rosemary & Nigel

  3. Teresa says:

    Crikey, that was terrifying to watch you disappearing under the foam. Glad you came out again. You’re mad. Txx

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