Rock clambering

So Jude and I have a new hobby. We’re going to the climbing gym twice a week, hoping to get good enough over the winter that we can go climbing in the Blue Mountains when Spring comes (It still feels strange that Spring is going to start around September). Here are some photos and a video from a session with Aaron.

The function of this first picture is largely to prevent this post from being a gallery of photos of arses:
Rock clambering

Jude, tackling an overhang:
Rock clambering

Jude has a knack of looking like a ninja:
Rock clambering

Aaron, wondering where they put the next foothold:
Rock clambering

Me, holding on with my teeth. Actually, you can hold on with your belly if you get the right kind of slope. True story.
Rock clambering


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2 Responses to Rock clambering

  1. Jim says:

    Hey B & J!
    Someone at AIT posted your blog… I see you made it onward, fun had by all. Climbing wall is great exercise. DON’T see the film “127 Hours”!

  2. Captain Shaw says:

    First photo fail 😉

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