As those of you who have been following our travels know, Jude and I have been away from home for a long time now, and have missed our families and friends back in Blighty. While being on a 5 month, 12,000 kilometre holiday is something of a consolation for our loss, we were looking forward to seeing my mother and big sister when they flew out to meet us in Cape Town. Imagine my surprise when we turned up at the gate to find a father with his nose buried in a history book waiting for the same flight to arrive, and a little sister on board said flight. We had a full compliment of Sumptions!

Sumptions on Safari

I don’t get to see my whole family together very often since one of my sisters works in America. Once I got over the excitement, we set about a tour of the Western Cape of South Africa. First stop, Bushman’s Kloof:

Sumptions on Safari

This boutique hotel is 40 kilometres from the nearest anything at all, an oasis of green lawns, cozy cottages and private swimming pools nestled between red rocks and Fynbos plants. We went on a game drive in which we took turns being strapped to the front of the Jeep (fortunately all the game is of the runny-away kind, not the bitey kind):

Jonathan had to go home after the weekend, leaving the rest of his family to spend his money on booze take an educational tour of Cape Town’s vineyards.

This surprising and wonderful addition to Bernie and Jude’s Magical Mystery Tour was most welcome, but like all good things had to come to an end.

Come back soon Sumptions, we miss you :o)

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